Products We Use

Asphalt Material
We purchase our hot mix asphalt (HMA) from Teichert Aggregates in Truckee.

Nuvo™ Gap Seal (for wide cracks)
Nuvo™ Gap is a hot-applied polymer modified asphalt binder combined with specially engineered aggregates and modifiers designed to fill wide cracks and potholes to prevent water infiltration and restore ride quality.  Nuvo™ Gap is formulated with a low viscosity for ease of installation and enhanced crack penetration. This material is extremely flexible, which enables it to perform exceptionally well in cold weather, yet also has a high softening point so it will not track or rut with traffic.
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SteelGuard 60, RaynGuard’s premiere sealcoat product, is designed to restore minor road pavement surface profile loss, and to permanently seal all asphaltic concrete surfaces against accelerated deterioration from tire abrasion, sun, wind, rain, snow and mild chemical attack.

Oil Spot Sealer
PetroGuard also manufactured by RaynGuard, is used on all seal jobs as part of our sealing process. This product is a quick drying primer formulated with suitable additives to coat and promote adhesion over oil, grease and gasoline spots prior to the application of sealcoat.

We exclusively install LTEC drains during the paving process. LTEC Drains are made from the highest quality galvanized steel. No matter what the situation requires, from residential to unlimited heavy industrial applications, LTEC Drains will outlast any plastic or poly type drain on the market!

Crack Sealer
Our crack sealer, Nuvo CS Formulation C, is a next generation hot applied polymer modified asphalt crack sealant.  This sealant applies and sets up best in hot temperatures and is highly durable in cold to very hot climates.  Applied at 380 degrees, Nuvo CS Formulation C is self-leveling, fast setting an moderately stiff for parking lot applications.  The purpose of crack sealing is to minimize water from seeping into the base layer or structure of your pavement.

Ennis Fast Dry Traffic Paints are used in marking parking lots, airports, and roads. Ennis Paints conform to current VOC regulations and to the requirements of Federal Specification TT-P-1952D Types I and II, and dries to no pickup in less than ten minutes when properly applied at ambient conditions. High relative humidity has significantly less effect on the dry time of these products as compared to other latex traffic paints.

Tennis Courts Material
The Plexipave Color Finish System is an all-weather, durable, quick drying color surfacer that provides superior resistance to deterioration from ultra-violet rays. Plexipave is a 100% acrylic latex, formulated for use over asphalt and concrete. The high performance finish coat is ideal for tennis courts, basketball courts, play areas, multi-purpose sport surfaces, light traffic pathways and walks and field houses. The Plexipave Color Finish System is available in ten popular standard colors.